Full Service on both sell-side and buy-side transactions

Whether planning on a carefully staged exit strategy or responding to an unsolicited inquiry, the experienced M&A professionals of First Chicago Advisors can assist senior management and owners with evaluating and executing a strategy to best maximize shareholder value.

Understanding the M&A Process

Having managed hundreds of transactions, we have a deep understanding the M&A process.  In fact, it is the process that will yield the best outcome and it is our unique management and knowledge of the process that separates us from the rest.  Other factors include:  

  • The nuances of various valuation techniques - understanding of the true value drivers in a particular industry. 
  • Strategies to professionally market a company's leading attributes, while proactively addressing potential issues that may, if not handled correctly, detract from value.
  • How due diligence should be done and how to manage it - especially if private equity firms are involved.
  • Assisting legal, accounting and other consultants in executing a team approach.
  • Facilitating structure and terms of purchase agreements and employment contracts. 
  • Strategies for integrating an acquisition into a parent company and the personnel questions involved.